Human Centric Product Design & Development

I am a technical leader who emphasizes leadership skills. I have a proven track record delivering high quality products on time and budget, a passion for mentorship, aligning incentives, and fostering cross-team relationships.

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Underground Cellar

As co-founder and CTO at Underground Cellar, I grew the engineering team and own the internal products used by the company, spanning frontend, backend, administrative interface, and mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. I also work with the CEO and major investors to design and implement financial models and reports. As a board director, I worked with investors and shape the governance of the company.


As a Program Manager at Microsoft, I spearheaded the Minimal Windows initiative. I created the maximum impact possible with minimal authority, reducing the size of the Windows platform considerably. This effort not only increased the security of Windows, reducing applicable security patches and reboots by more than 50%, but also enabled Microsoft to ship new form factors such as low-cost devices and “Nano” servers. I also worked directly with hardware manufacturers, 20+ MVP partners, and presented at conferences worldwide such as TechEd, TechReady, and MVP Summit.

Computer Graphics

I spent a lot of time as an undergrad working on various computer graphics projects such as:

  • Polaris (C++) -- a distributed path tracing engine.

  • Ray (C++) -- a multi-threaded, recursive ray tracer with extensions such as photon mapping and added raster effect post-processing.

  • Seuss (Java) -- a rendering engine using painterly techniques.

  • FiberMesh (C++) -- a N-dimensional linear optimization solver which allows for real-time editing of 3D meshes.

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