Consulting FAQ

Thank you very much for the opportunity to work with you on your project. In order to make the project most successful I have established a few important guidelines.

Project Management System and External Systems

I use a self-hosted version of activeCollab to manage my projects and track time. This is the system which I use to send invoices and track project tasks in one place. Client is provided with an account to activeCollab at no cost. activeCollab will also send Client a daily email update if desired.

I can work with a Client's project management/tracking system, if needed. A monthly retainer fee is required to support the overhead of this type of interaction. In this case I will set up an integration between my own project management system and Client's system using Zapier. Client is responsible for any licensing or user fees for custom systems.


The Client is responsible for providing specification to the level of detail required.

I will ask for any necessary clarification prior to doing work on any deliverable. Any change or revisions to a flat rate deliverable (or changes to the specification necessitating additional work) will be charged.

Deliverables which do not match the specification will be corrected at no cost to the Client. However, if the code was incomplete (i.e. an edge case was not accounted for to save cost on the initial build-out), the time for implementing additional functionality, validation, error handling, etc. will be billable. I will notify the client in this case and any such work is subject to Client approval.


My goal is to provide fair, transparent billing which protects both myself and the Client.

Deliverables may be billed per flat rate, or hourly. Hourly work is billed in 5 minute increments, unless specified by our contract, using the time tracking software that is part of activeCollab. Upwork hourly work is billed in 10 minute increments, using the Upwork time tracking software.

Conference calls/discussions longer than 5 minutes are billable at our contracted hourly rate. If I perform contracted work during these calls/discussions, there is no additional charge for those services.

Incidental instant message/email exchanges are not billable unless the interaction occurs during the performance of other billable work.

After work is performed, time logs are available immediately in the activeCollab portal. If there is any discrepancy I ask that the Client notify me as soon as possible.

I send invoices each Monday and ask that payments are made as soon as possible. After 30 days, a 1.5% late fee per month will be charged.

W-9 can be provided for projects over $600.

Other Expenses

Client will be advised and, upon approval, will be responsible for any additional out of pocket expenses that may be required to complete the project; for example, stock photo or font licenses, or web hosting fees, or any other expenses not included in the Project Proposal.


Upon payment of invoice in full, copyright is assigned to the Client subject to a worldwide non-revocable license to myself to use my work in project portfolios such as this website. Until payment is received, I retain copyright to all code I write.

Unless agreed upon in advance, I may utilize open source software to improve the efficiency of my work. This results in a lower cost to the client. Client will not own copyright to open source software, but will have a license to use the code in accordance with the terms of the open source software. Client will receive a copy of any and all license agreements that are applicable in this case, and the option to exclude the open source software's use and have content originally produced instead (at cost) is available.


Deliverable timelines are an estimate only and delivery is not guaranteed by a certain date. I will provide updates frequently as work items are completed. Additionally, I will ensure that work items scheduled are small enough that they can be completed incrementally, which increases transparency on my progress.


Unless otherwise specified, I do not subcontract any work. All work is performed personally by myself.


I am more than happy to answer any additional questions. Thanks again for your consideration and time.