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Benjamin W. Herila



With Players Tape™
you'll display team pride while
providing support and protection
for any sport.

This startup was in partnership with a former CEO of a Fortune 500 company. I designed and implemented the company's web presence including the web site and an online system for designing and ordering customized athletic tape.

The company, Madison Tape LLC, was acquired in 2007.


With the explosion of sports across an ever-expanding landscape, individuals and teams of all ages have entered competitive and recreational athletics. Within those growing legions of full and part-time athletes, injuries have increased significantly as well. The speed and strength in today’s sports, enhanced equipment, artificial turf, and other factors have exposed today’s athletes to a growing potential for disabling injury.

This is where PlayersTapeTM makes its entry. As a professional-grade, easy-to-use, yet strong and durable tape/wrap, PlayersTapeTM provides the maximum in support and protection for all types of sports. As evidenced by professionals, the best-conditioned athletes know the value of proper support and protection, and tape/wrap themselves every time they compete.

New to the athletic field, PlayersTapeTM has also developed a process where protection and support remain a priority and yet our tape is waterproof while reflecting a clean and clear registration of your chosen logo. Highlighting a favorite logo, number, name or any design of your choice allows the athlete in you to stand out. You can have it all - with special orders and customer satisfaction being our trademark. Join the growing number of PlayersTapeTM users today and see how others will follow.