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Benjamin W. Herila


Wild Mushroom

Makes about 6-8 servings.


1 lb. portabella mushrooms
4 oz. shitake mushrooms
4 oz. chanterelle mushrooms
4 oz. oyster mushrooms
3 Tbsp. tamari soy sauce
½ large onion
4 large carrots peeled (about 2 cups coarse dice)
4 large stalks celery (about 2 cups coarse dice)
2-3 qt. chicken broth
½ cup heavy cream
pinch arrowroot or guar gum (for thickening)
coriander (ground)
black pepper


1. Throw all stems and about half of the mushrooms cut up, carrots, celery and onions into broth, add water until the mushrooms and veggies are just covered. Bring to a boil then simmer. Add herbs. Simmer for 2 hours or until the veggies go to mush.

2. Puree the wild mushrooms with stick blender. Add some more stock if needed, puree once more. 

3. Sautee the remaining mushrooms in (lots of) butter, then toss them in the soup and add the cream. Thicken a bit with a few shakes of arrowroot and salt/pepper to taste. 

4. Simmer for another hour and serve with a swirl of truffle oil and some cracked black pepper. 


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