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Benjamin W. Herila


Janet Memorial Fruit Salad

Anyone who has been to a CS15 TA party knows about Janet's famous fruit salad. It's a staple at the summer BBQ! There is always a brand-new TA scrambling at the last minute to find the recipe (rumored to be stored somewhere in the course directory), and there is now a backup copy here for all to enjoy. There's really no secret; just lots of fruit

~8 tangerines

~7 apples (greeen)

Strawberries, LOTS :) -> estimate at least 2 strawberries per person, 3-4 packages

~7 mangos 

~7 peaches

~7 nectarines

Pineapples, fresh chopped, about 2 pineapples worth 
(if you can find fresh, refrigerator kind) 

~10 kiwi
watermelons, 2 medium
canteloupes, about 3
grapes: 2 purple, 1 green